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Welcome, I am Carrie and  a registered mental health nurse and a massage therapist. I have over ten years experience supporting people with mental health difficulties such as depression, anxiety, PTSD and substance misuse issues. As a nurse I work in partnership with my clients and provide them with confidentiality, respect and a genuine caring approach.

I am qualified in Behavioural Activation, which is therapy to help support people in managing their depression and their signs and symptoms. 

I have previously established and managed a substance issue service for veteran's, and have a lot of experience in supporting people achieve their full potential.  When working with people I offer holistic treatment, which means I will support the whole person, recognising that issues to do with housing or self esteem can have a great impact on a person's mental health.


I gained my massage diploma 14 years ago, and since then I have enjoyed providing people with a serene experience that will help them relax. I believe massage is a healing and nurturing treatment, it can bring a sense of peace and wellbeing.

I utilise Swedish massage techniques, deep tissue massage and intuitive massage to sooth the mind, body and soul. Massage has many benefits for our physical bodies, such as improved sleep, circulation and easing of muscular pain.

Massage also boosts our energy and our self-esteem with the validation of safe and nurturing touch and the releasing of any blocked energy. When energy flows freely through balanced and open chakras, health and well-being will flourish. I provide a safe environment where your confidence and dignity will be maintained at all times.


I am based at Shining Light, 7-9 Cockburn Street, Falkirk, FK1 1DJ


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Carrie Red 
BSc Mental Health Nursing, Diploma Swedish Massage

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